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                                     5520 25th Street, Columbus, In 47203 

Service & Repair

At Sew Crazy, we offer service and repair of Husqvarna Viking & Singer Machines.

At this time, we have a very lengthy wait list for machine repairs.  We will not be taking anymore machine repairs for any other machine types other than our Viking & Singer machines.  Our Customer machine cleanings and repairs come first and others will be worked into the schedule.

***at a later time, we may pick up machine repairs of other brands again

If you have a machine that is old and cannot be repaired.  Please consider donating  her to our shop.  We are working on building a little Sewing Machine Museum and would love to care for, give attention to and display your beloved machine.

Meet our Service Tech-Tim

By day, Tim, is an Instrumentation Tech.  At night, he is our Sewing Machine Tech.  We say, if he can't fix one can!  He goes over every machine with a fine-tooth comb!